Emmon Bach

LSA 236: Wakashan linguistic structures

Professorial Research Associate SOAS, Professor emeritus of Linguistics University of Massachusetts (Amherst). Specialties: syntax, semantics, Wakashan linguistics. Academic and administrative positions: University of Northern British, University of Massachusetts (Amherst), Hampshire College, City University of New York and Queens College, University of Texas (Austin). Participation, teaching, lecturing: Summer Linguistics Institutes of the Linguistic Society of America, Mathesius Institutes in Prague. Research Grants and Fellowships: Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, National Science Foundation, NEH, Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics (Nijmegen), Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project. Memberships etc.: Linguistic Society of America (President, 1995); Landsdowne Lecturer, University of Victoria (1991); Philological Society; Honorary Member: Linguistic Circle of Prague.

External website: http://people.umass.edu/ebach/

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