Gunnar Ólafur Hansson

LSA 217: Locality and nonlocality in phonology

Gunnar Ólafur Hansson is Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the University of British Columbia. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and held a position at the University of Chicago for two years before moving to UBC in 2003. His primary research area is theoretical phonology, the interfaces of phonology with phonetics, morphology and the lexicon, and the interplay of diachronic and synchronic factors in explaining properties of linguistic systems and cross-linguistic typologies. Much of his research revolves around issues of locality in segmental phonology, exploring the synchronic nature and diachronic sources of non-local (long-distance) interactions, expecially in harmony systems. Other topics of interest include derivationally opaque sound patterns and issues relating to morphological paradigms and their manifestation (inflectional classes, allomorphy, syncretism patterns, paradigm gaps).

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