T. Florian Jaeger

LSA 125: Psycholinguistics and syntactic corpora

Florian Jaeger is an Assistant Professor in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester with a secondary affiliation in Computer Science. He holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics with a designation in Cognitive Science from Stanford University (2001-2006), and an M.A. in Linguistics and Computer Science from Humboldt University at Berlin (1996-2001). During his graduate and post-graduate studies he spent time at UC San Diego (Psychology), MIT (Linguistics and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 2004), UC Berkeley (Linguistics, 2000), and the Technical University Berlin (Computer Science, 1997-2000). Jaeger's primary research interests are in information theoretic models of language processing, with a focus on language production. There often are several ways to encode the intended message into linguistic structure. At such choice points, speakers can improve communication by choosing variants that distribute information more uniformly across the utterance. With his collaborators, Jaeger has investigated how information density and other variables affect phonetic reduction, prosodic encoding, word order and syntactic reduction, as well as structural choices beyond the clausal level.

External website: http://www.bcs.rochester.edu/people/fjaeger/

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