Donca Steriade

Edward Sapir Professor

LSA 304: Correspondence and the phonological lexicon

Steriade graduated from MIT in 1982, with a dissertation on syllabification as a sequential structure-building process, based on evidence from Greek and Sanskrit. Her undergraduate training was in classics. She has taught at Berkeley (1982-1984), UCLA (1989-2002), MIT (1984-1989, and 2002-present); and at the LSA Institutes of 1993 (OSU), 2003 (MSU), 2005 (MIT) and 2007 (Stanford). Her recent work investigates the relation between perceptual similarity and phonological knowledge ("Knowledge of Similarity", BLS 2004; "The Phonology of Perceptibility Effects" 2008 in S.Inkelas and K.Hanson (eds.) On the Nature of the Word, MIT Press), interactions between phonetics and phonology (Phonetically Based Phonology, 2004, edited with Bruce Hayes and Robert Kirchner, OUP); interactions between phonotactics, morphology and lexical structure ("A Pseudo-Cyclic Effect in Romanian Phonology" 2008 in A.Bachrach and A.Nevins (eds) Inflectional Identity, OUP).

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