Eve E. Sweetser

LSA 126: Semantics and pragmatics of conditionals

Eve Sweetser received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from UC Berkeley in 1984. She has been on the Berkeley faculty ever since. She has taught syntax, semantics, historical linguistics, cognitive linguistics, and Celtic Studies courses. She has served as Director of Berkeley's undergraduate Cognitive Science Program and is currently Director of the Celtic Studies Program. Her current research centers on cognitive linguistic approaches to constructional semantics, metaphor, viewpoint, conditionals, co-speech gesture, poetics, and mental space blending. She has published various articles, and also From Etymology to Pragmatics (1990, Cambridge UP) and co-authored with Barbara Dancygier Mental Spaces in Grammar: Conditional Constructions (2005, Cambridge UP).

External website: http://linguistics.berkeley.edu/people/person_detail.php?person=30

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