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Institute participants register as students or affiliates for the full six weeks or for either three-week session. Students pay tuition and receive full academic credit. Affiliates are non-student participants whose fees are the main source of funding for student fellowships.

Course selection and affiliate registration site:

Student registration

Registration deadline: July 1 (session 1); July 22 (session 2). In each session the end of the first week of classes is the deadline for course changes.

Student registration is a two-step process; you can take the two steps in either order. One step is to choose individual Institute courses that interest you, using the Institute registration site: You must enroll in four courses during each session you attend. If you attend just one three-week session, enroll in four three-week courses. If you attend all six weeks, you may enroll in four six-week courses, four three-week courses in each of the two sessions, or any combination as long as you are taking four courses at all times.

The second step is to enroll in the UC Berkeley Summer Session, beginning on February 2 for UC students and on February 17 for non-UC students:

• For the entire Institute (six weeks), register for Linguistics 209 in Summer Session D.
• For the first three-week session, register for Linguistics 208-001 in Summer Session E.
• For the second three-week session, register for Linguistics 208-002 in Summer Session E.

Linguistics 208 is a 3-unit course and Linguistics 209 is a 5-unit course. In order to register, you will need to know the following Course Control Numbers:

• Linguistics 209 (Summer Session D): CCN 56880
• Linguistics 208-001 (Summer Session E, Linguistic Institute session 1): CCN 56875
• Linguistics 208-002 (Summer Session E, Linguistic Institute session 2): CCN 56878

Students will receive UC Berkeley transcripts confirming participation in Linguistics 208 or 209, and Linguistic Society of America transcripts confirming participation in individual courses. The UC Berkeley transcript will show only a single grade, Pass or Fail, for Linguistics 208 or 209; the LSA transcript will show letter grades for individual courses.

Students applying for fellowships should choose courses through the Institute registration site described above, but should not register through UC Berkeley Summer Sessions unless they are not awarded fellowships. When fellowship decisions are announced, fellowship recipients will be enrolled with no fees.

The cost for attending all six weeks will be the cost of a 5-unit UC Berkeley summer course; the cost for three weeks will be the cost of a 3-unit course. Fees are set as follows (including all unit fees, the Campus Fee for UC students, and the Enrollment Fee for visiting students):

• $1835 for non-UC students for six weeks; $1255 for three weeks
• $1362 for UC undergraduates for six weeks; $854 for three weeks
• $1872 for UC graduate students for six weeks; $1160 for three weeks

International students enrolling from abroad or coming to the US to attend the Institute also pay a $300 International Service Fee. For more information see the Summer Sessions fees website and the Summer Sessions international student website.

Campus dormitory housing is available only for 6-week students; 3-week students will have to live in International House or elsewhere. UC students should note that Linguistics 209 is a 5-unit course; those who need 6 units for financial aid should add 1 or more units (e.g. by taking Physical Education concurrently with the Institute, or by taking other summer classes earlier in the summer).

Policies regarding cancellation, refunds, and withdrawal for students are described on the Summer Sessions refund policy website.

Affiliate registration

Affiliate fee: $1200 for six weeks; $700 for three weeks
Registration deadline: June 15*

An affiliate is a faculty member, researcher, or other person who wishes to attend the Institute for his or her own personal and professional benefit. (Students in degree programs should register as students.) Affiliates are officially Visiting Scholars at UC Berkeley; they will have full campus privileges (library, internet access, etc.), but they will not receive transcripts.

Affiliate registration is a one-step process. Affiliates choose courses and pay fees directly through the Institute registration site: (We ask affiliates to choose courses, though they will not receive transcripts, so that we can estimate attendance.)

*The affiliate registration deadline is June 15, but we encourage all affiliates to register as early as possible so that their fees can effectively support student fellowships. We regret that after March 1 we cannot issue refunds to registered affiliates who decide not to attend the Institute.

International participants

We welcome international students and affiliates. Affiliates are not registered students, and can usually enter the US on tourist visas. Students must obtain a visa (typically a F-1 or J-1) prior to arrival in Berkeley, but international students who are already registered at another US institution both before and after the Institute do not need an additional visa. Full information is available at the Summer Sessions international student visa webpage; do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. The registration deadline for international students who will need a visa is June 1.

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