Social Events

Evening Activities | Saturday Hikes and Outings

Social events are open to all Linguistic Institute participants and their guests. Event locations are in registration packets, posted in the Institute office, and distributed by email to Institute participants. Details will change! To set up other events, use our facebook group: 2009 Linguistic Institute.

Evening Activities

Session 1 movie night: Ball of Fire (1941)
Saturday 11 July, 8 pm
Introduction and commentary by MC Gregory Ward

Description from Netflix: Gary Cooper plays a serious but lovable English professor working with his intellectual colleagues on a dictionary of American slang. When Barbara Stanwyck, as a red-hot nightclub singer on the run from the mob, takes refuge in their house, she also finds a place in their hearts. But where there's a ball of fire there's bound to be trouble, and before they know it, the professor and his colleagues are learning a lot about language — and life.

Session 1 party: Lola's Lounge with DJ Friend of Mine
Saturday 18 July, 8 pm — 12 midnight

After a hard — and yes, stimulating — couple of weeks, we all find ourselves dreaming of islands: islands with actual palm trees, music and mojitos. Dream no more! This weekend, directly from an undisclosed location in the Caribbean, we bring you 'DJ Friend of Mine', who will cater to the sophisticated musical tastes of our local and international participants. Come and dance, talk or simply drink the night away with your fellow linguists! (Hawaiian shirts strongly encouraged but not required.)

Pizza, pool, and pub night
Saturday 1 August, 7 pm — 10 pm

Session 2 movie night: Incubus (1965)
Friday 7 August, 8 pm
Introduction and commentary by MC Ben Bergen

Description from Netflix: A pre-"Star Trek" William Shatner stars in this bizarre horror flick about evil demons that use sex to conquer innocent souls for Satan. Wandering through an otherworldly place called Nomen Tuum, Shatner plays Marc, a decent man who battles a succubus named Kia (Allyson Ames) while trying to protect his sister from Kia's male counterpart (Milos Milos). The real kicker? The whole script is written in the "universal language" of Esperanto.

Saturday Hikes and Outings

Join an Institute faculty member from UC Berkeley in a hike or local outdoor excursion. No private transportation required. Details will be announced in the week of each event.

Saturday 11 July, 10 am &mdash 1 pm
Strawberry Canyon hike with Line Mikkelsen

A moderate climb uphill from campus, with native flora and some stunning views. Bring water, a hat, and sunscreen.

Saturday 18 July, 10 am &mdash 1 pm
Lake Anza family outing with Susanne Gahl

Saturday 1 August, 10 am &mdash 1 pm
Lake Anza hike with Alice Gaby

This occasionally strenuous hike involves an uphill stroll through the leafy residential streets of North Berkeley, through Tilden Park to Lake Anza. We anticipate a three hour round trip with an hour of walking each way and one hour relaxing by the lake (or longer for those happy to find their own way back). Bring a hat, sunscreen, and water plus bathing gear or lakeside snacks.

Saturday 8 August, 10 am &mdash 2 pm
Jewel Lake hike with Lev Michael

This hike takes us from campus, up through the the neighborhoods of North Berkeley, to the Tilden Nature Area, located in the northern part of Tilden Park. Once there we will hike on the trails around Jewel Lake. Trails of various lengths and levels of ruggedness are available, and we will settle on a route that is comfortable for everyone (lounging around the lake is another option for those who are interested). Many parts of the route will be steep, but not particularly rough. We anticipate the hike to last 3-4 hours. Bring snacks and water, and a hat and sun screen.

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