LSA 302: Articulatory phonetics

Bryan Gick and Ian Wilson | six-week course | MW 3:30 – 5:15, 179 Stanley Hall

This course provides an introduction to a range of topics in articulatory phonetics of interest to students in linguistic phonetics and speech sciences. The course will introduce basic speech anatomy and function, current methods and measurement tools, and "hot" theoretical issues in speech production and perception relating to articulation, and will describe major classes of speech sounds from an articulatory point of view, highlighting production mechanisms, current issues, and the best tools for measuring each type of articulation (including methods currently under development such as fast MRI, high-speed lingual ultrasound imaging, and multi-dimensional electromagnetic point tracking). Side topics may include: field and clinical applications, L1 and L2 acquisition, sociolinguistic examples, historical methods, articulatory speech synthesis, and the interaction of articulation with acoustics.

Reading: Selected materials available online.

Prerequisites: At least one introductory course in phonetics and/or phonology, including familiarity with the IPA.

Areas of linguistics: Phonetics, phonology, and morphology

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