The final version of the conference program is now available: pdf.


Poster Presentations

Recommended sizes:

Maximum size for ALT-8 is about 4 x 4 or 122 x 122.

If you have unusual space needs please contact us ( ASAP.

How do you do a poster?

Find a poster template online. Searching for "poster templates" will get you free downloadable templates from commercial firms. Typically the template is a single slide in Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar slide program. You can also use one of the slide templates from your slide program.

Poster templates tend to have good choices of font sizes to fit the poster size, as well as attractive background color schemes.

Commercial desktop publishing firms will print your slide as a poster. Your university may also offer this service. The firm whose poster you downloaded may have a branch near you or in Berkeley, or they can mail the printed poster to you (usually they offer next-day mail delivery, at a price of course). Carry the poster to the meeting rolled up in a tube (or fold it, but then you have fold marks; or cut it into pieces and reassemble, but then you have scars; or design it as two to four small posters to start with).

An alternative is to bring your electronic slide file and have it printed out here in Berkeley. There are several desktop publishers near campus who offer same-day or next-day service. The price tends to run around $120 for a 4ft x 4ft color poster.

It is always a good idea to have a handout or synopsis to distribute to interested visitors.

The ALT-8 Organizing Committee will provide poster display space and sticky putty to post the posters, but we regret that we cannot print your poster for you.

What is the display space like?

Instead of dreary rows of easels, we are going to use the walls of a large entry hall adjacent to two of the conference rooms. We will supply sticky putty to hold the posters up. There is natural light, a T-shaped space, and enough room that you won't bump into the next presenter or the one across the hall. We think this will be much more conducive to discussion and browsing than the usual conference poster space.

This means that our size restriction is dictated not by the size of easels or poster boards but by how much space we think is needed to keep posters and presenters discrete. This is why we described our maximum size as "about" 4x4.

What font size should be used?

Large enough to be read easily from 5 or 6 feet (~1.7-2 meters) away.

Location of the Meeting


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